Trading Blogs and Resources:

Links and Resources: (will add more as I go along)

Learn from the blogosphere’s uber great content which is mostly available free!

1.) Brian Shannon’s Objective and Unbiased Technical Analysis Videos

2.) Corey Rosenbloom’s Afraid To Trade – Helping Traders Overcome their Fear of Trading

3.) Candlesticker– Chart pattern recognition
4.) Stock Twits– Clearly the greatest aggregator of the best trading education anyone can get— FREE!

Even better, sign up on twitter- follow the popular users of Stocktwits and learn from them as you go along:D

5.) SMB Capital – houses lots of great traders and mentors packed with lots of trading bits of education, I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll learn and love.  And hey– Mike Bellafiore’s book “One Good Trade” is definitely One GOOD READ!

6.) Brett Steenbarger’s Recommended Trader Development Links – I am at awe at the level of devotion and professional work that Dr. Brett Steenbarger has contributed to the web.  Please feel free to learn from him and the stuffs he share from other great traders, mentors and educators.   –

7.) Kirk Report – Charles Kirk houses many great articles.  Learn from his education page here. 😀

All the best in your individual trades and overall lives 😀

-Dimsum Trader

4 Responses to “Trading Blogs and Resources:”
  1. Jerome Peralta says:

    hi nikki,

    Exo here, It is nice to know you share your references too. Bakit wala un blog ko dito? joke hehe… I also recommend anyway this is your list. Pwede din ba mpost mo dito sa site mo kung meron kang TA/FA or events na inaattendan. (just a request). More power and God Bless!

    • hello exo,

      Hindi ko pa inaayos ung trading links.haha. Try kong mag-create specifically for Phil-market related na links ah.
      Hmm… so far, wala pa kong in-attendan na mga TA/FA events eh. pero I think market mirror posted they have an event- chart analysis forum.

      -dimsum trader

  2. pinayobserver says:

    You may know of these already, but just in case, I recommend: FlowingData (visualization stuff) and Paul Kedrosky’s Infectious Greed and at Bloomberg (economics, finance, VC, news). These form the “econ” portion of my daily RSS feeds. Check them out and see if you like them too. 🙂

    • thanks reina. I follow paul kedrosky’s blog. Ung flowing data, haven’t. Information is beautiful ung mejo nirerely on ko when i get the time. Thanks 😀

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