Educational Trading Articles

Came up with a list of timeless articles for further reading to up your trading game 😀

1.) 7 Steps to Better Stock Trading – Teresa Lo

Go here :

2.) Timeless Rules for Profitable Low Risk Trading– Brett Steenbarger (Collected from his posts)

Go here:

3.) Mental Fitness for Traders– Norman Hallett

Go here:

4.) 12 Steps To Get Things Done – Charles Kirk

Go here:

5.) Starting Over– Michael Bigger shares amongst other things why he wouldn’t take his CFA nor MBA and instead do the following

Go here:

6.) 10 Mistakes Investors Most Often Make – Meir Statman

Go here:

7.) Top manager Nygren: How I beat the market with a .200 batting average

Go here:

8.) An Explanation of Why Pattern Recognition Works in Trading – Capitalogix

Go here:

9.) Admitting You Are Wrong – Eli Radke

Go here:

10.) Ken Wolff’s 7 Habit of Ineffective Traders

11.) 5 steps to Becoming a Trader – From unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence 🙂

3 Responses to “Educational Trading Articles”
  1. davidhanson says:

    These are great links Nikki. Thank you for sharing them. ü

  2. Al Holden says:

    You’ve raised some interesting points. Thanks for sharing.

    Let me know what you think of my investing blog. I’d appreciate your opinion.

    • Hello Holden, I guess you’re a big fan of JD. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye? It’s been a long time since I last read that book (highschool pa yata haha). I remember it was a great book. About your blog, I saw it…and it’s quite detached. I think it would be better to just write from your heart (unless you really sound like a textbook?) Sorry for the puns intended haha. All I mean to say, is just keep it real 🙂 The more personal insights the better, because you’re not going to write it for wikipedia- you’re writing for traders who are people with emotions. Share interesting stuffs and keep on learning 🙂

      Dan Shipper’s latest blog post (Be e a blogger second) is an interesting post. Read it.

      Btw, the title’s good – Starting with a question.. but try to be more simple and use a lot of 1.2.3s in ur answers 😀 People like short lists 😀

      Though I know I also suffer from writing too long posts. hehe.

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