Beginning Trader/Investor Resources

I received requests on articles and links about beginning traders and instead of writing, I figured I’d simply share what the net has to offer. Lots of great stuffs online. Please check them out. 😀

1.) Chartschool – Welcome to’s ChartSchool! Here you can learn all about the analysis of stock charts (also called “Technical Analysis”). This section of our site is continually growing as we add more and more articles and information so check back often.


2.) Investopedia – Invest- Encyclopedia.  If you want to search for terms and glossaries.  Look no further than here. 😀


3.) Brett Steenbarger (Two sites- Here and Here )  –  Neglect it at your own peril.Undoubtedly the ultimate source for trader development, mental discipline etc.  Saved the best for last.  This is the reason why some people make money consistently.

4.) Norman Hallet – The Disciplined Trader– He emphasizes mental fitness as the most important element in making us consistently profitable traders.  Please go to his site.  I find it very very useful for my own personal trading.


*will add content and recommended books and articles as I go along. 😀


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