April 12, 2011- Welcome (This blog—is continued at www.facelesstrader.wordpress.com)

Welcome to DimsumTrader Blog. DimsumTrader began as a personal trading diary to help me think aloud about trading and market psychology, market patterns, and the short-term trading of financial markets. I would read articles (primarily HK in nature), place news links and write my own preplist sheets for the day due to the nature of … Continue reading

March 6, 2011- Severe Wealth Gap.

I waste a lot of productive time with FB. Oh well. That’s life right? haha. Mikey Bustos with his videos, Charlie Sheen quotes, and chick flicks.  That’s weekend boys and girls. Anyway, here’s one question for you folks – what is aching my brain and what’s common between the following? Philippines, Libya, Egypt, Middle East, … Continue reading

Feb 28,2011- Wall Street’s State of the Union Address

Berkshire Hathaway’s 2010 Annual report is out. http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/2010ar/2010ar.pdf A lot of  blogs have been summarizing and writing about it.  I’ll talk about it on a later post.  Thanks. What I’m currently reading and fascinated about: 1.) Stuffs about the New York Knicks – New York Times posts have it all.  I’m not a basketball fan, … Continue reading

Feb. 20, 2011- Happy Birthday

Too much money is a common denominator when you think about traders: Wall Street fat cats, overpaid CEOs, Gordon Gekko, insider trading, Madoff schemes, models, yachts, diamonds and bottles. There is the perception that trading is a game exclusively for those with large pockets and they most often are not socially responsible. America scowled at Lloyd … Continue reading

Feb 11- Just a few links to watch and read

Just sharing a few things: Watch this video: http://www.stocktwits.tv/james-altucher-interview/ Read Hit and Run in Scribd. I posted it in the Trading Education page (Recommended Books To Read) Shoutout! -Hey! I want to make video weblogs. Do you know how? I’m too lazy to really search online on how to do it, if you’re currently doing … Continue reading

Feb 7 2011- Watch the Trading Videos in the Education Page :D

Hello girls and guys, I’m inspired to write stuffs devoted essentially to Philippines and Hongkong applying what I’ve learned, after viewing Teresa Lo’s 7 Steps to Better Stock Trading and Zortrades’ “How to Identify the Best Industries”.  I linked it there.  Watch the videos, view the articles.  For now, I have a lot of sources … Continue reading

Jan 4, 2011- New Format for the New Year

Happy New Year! For the holidays, I read up two trading books: One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore (finished) and Entries and Exits by Alexander Elder (still ongoing/book is half unfinished).  I’ll use what I’ve learned from them, and incorporate it to the new format and look of Markets Anonymous for this year. For transparency, … Continue reading

Nov 20- Tell me why you want to become a trader and more :)

Do you want to be a “big swinging dick”? Models and bottles. Show the market who’s daddy. Greed is good. I want to be a billionaire watch this Ivanhoff wrote an excellent post here: I’ll highlight the ones I liked most: The bounce on Thursday was as surprising as the sell off on Tuesday. Many … Continue reading

Salman Kahn- definitely a gamechanger

I just want to share this video. This guy is doing wonders to this world. The Free Classroom to the World. Only the best. whats interesting is that he transitioned from hedgefunds to being a global educator. i love this guy. to know more, visit http://www.khanacademy.org watch this video (interview of him) im excited. we’ll … Continue reading

Notice : Oct 23- Nov 3

Good morning trading friends, I’ll be leaving to Korea during those times so I cannot be able to upload my preplist. I hope that you guys continue to be trading well despite me not around. Thanks again. I’ll miss the markets so much, so when I get back, I’ll make sure to write stories about … Continue reading