March 1, 2011- Feb Month End Trading Summary

Philippines 14 Closed Trades: 11 Income, 3 Expenses.  Hit Ratio = 78.57% (Although, there were so many trades in AGI,EDC,SMC, that honestly could be considered several trades, but I just consolidated into one.) Currently 6 Open Trades – 42.8% Invested.  The rest in cash. Portfolio – Month End – Up 2.5% month/month Account wise. HK I’ll … Continue reading

Jan 31 – Month End Trading Summary, Evaluation and Observations

Month of January HK : Dismal -6.87% month on month attributed to a lot of  personal execution mistakes particularly on position sizing # of Trades: 36 Hit Ratio: 11/36 = 30.55% Average Win/Average Loss: 2199/2829 = 0.78 – Dismal Risk reward ratio.  Reduce positions faster. PH:   -3.55%month on month due to inconsistent sizing, execution in … Continue reading

Jan 12, 2011- Post Analysis of Current Trades

In earlier posts, I promised I would do something new for this year 2011.  It’s basically a rundown of my trading entries and exits, where we can both learn from my mistakes and also from my occasional wins. My scorecard is updated every single time I post the links to my preplist.  It’s just in … Continue reading