March 14, 2011- Ketchup and Lettuce, Einsteins of Wall Street, Nonlinearity and Mortality

I remember having a conversation with a few of my trading friends one time.  The comment was just too vivid that I just had to share it in my blog.   “Wow, hindi ketchup ung screen”.  He was alluding to the fact that he didn’t see a blood bath, and instead found pockets of strength … Continue reading

March 7, 2011 – A Core Position- The URCs of China and Warren’s Coke Investment (Part 1 of a Series):D

Note in case you’re not a Filipino reader – URC stands for Universal Rubina Corporation whose business is predominantly food and beverages.  Thanks.  Interesting Fact too – Do you know that Warren Buffett was supposed to buy Huiyuan Juice (1886 HK)  – Beverage maker in China but the government just didn’t allow him?  I think … Continue reading

March 6, 2011- Your Legal Cheat Sheet To Trillions

Okay.  I think I know what’s on your mind.  Maybe you’re not trading HK markets, and you have no single idea what’s happening in China right now, and maybe you just don’t care.  That is fine.  You can go ahead and watch, read the stuffs that interest you.  Really.  I mean it.  Go. Shoo. Thanks. … Continue reading

Feb 2, 2011- Updated Preplist

Preplist – Updated for HK   -nix

Jan 28,2011- A Roadmap for Traders & Investors (HK and Chinese Markets)

Reference: Bank of America – Merrill Lynch.  David Cui. Andy Zhao. Tracy Tian, CFA, et al.  January 17, 2011.  “China- A Primer on China’s Seven Strategic Industries” Strategists from Merrill Lynch and Bank of America have written this research report, that I’ve got to highlight in my blog.  It is very comprehensive and something that … Continue reading