April 9, 2011 – The Cockroaches and the Bees

Note: Rubiks who is very concerned with my health and privacy told me not to post anything negative anymore.  These are all children’s games and I’m an adult.  I don’t need to write these things anymore. I am apologizing right now, for writing this post. I feel that it needs to be said, even indirectly. … Continue reading

April 7, 2011- Celebrate Successes, Respect Elders and Be a Sponge

Celebrate your successes. – Once you’ve lightened down some of your gains, after an impressive run-up in the markets, I offer my unsolicited opinions.  😀 This is my blog so I can talk whatever I want. (Understand the difference between selling and lightening: Read “Don’t fall in love“) To the gentlemen:  Have a good dinner … Continue reading

March 31, 2011- Humanity and Integrity

Do you know why I try to write well for you?  It’s not because I want to please you.  Of course, I’ll be a hypocrite to tell you that I don’t write for you, so I try to put entertaining content that I feel will be relevant to my niche readers. However, what compels me … Continue reading

March 30, 2011- You are not alone – Wonder Years’ Math Class

I woke up quite early awhile ago, and I saw ETC’s 2nd Avenue play a lot of good old time shows.  I wanted to emphasize a few simple lessons I learned.    Have you watched the Wonder Years before?  Well, the episode awhile ago was Math Class. You can watch  full episodes of the Wonder … Continue reading

March 29, 2011- Making Millions While Doing Good

I’m busy so this post will be uber fast.  I’ll rewrite this post, I promise.  But for now… Please Please please… (Consider this a draft post) sorry sorry. watch these two videos. I have to go… What Really Matters We think we’re chasing something.  At a certain point, we have a mountain and it’s not … Continue reading

March 28, 2011 – The 3 Ms that Count – Methods, Markets and Mentors

Recommended Trading Article To Read: Ten Lessons I Have Learned in Working With Traders by Brett Steenbarger Read more here: http://jfditrader.blogspot.com/2011/03/ten-lessons-i-have-learned-in-working.html?showComment=1301294270832#c9076543774604551483 Thank you courtesy of JFDI for reposting this Highlights: Number 6 and 10 – I personally love these. #6 Successful traders possess rich mental maps All successful trading boils down to pattern recognition and the … Continue reading

March 26,2011 – My love affair with Andy (and the free radicals)

I love Andy Kessler.  I have many idols and mentors that shape my investment philosophies.  He is one of them.  As soon as I read a post that he had written (John Mauldin’s Just one Thing featured him about fogs and guideposts) , I’ve fallen in love with him. Hat tip to my friend L.C. … Continue reading

March 24, 2011 – A Little Healthy Cynicism and Slight Edges :D

This is what a market does during a consolidation: 1.) Bipolar Behavior – Strength on one day, weakness the next, wild gyrations are common (DGTL, SGI) 2.) Choppy – Whipsaws, Shakeouts, Karate Chops, Unnecessary Volatility (Traders hate this but it’s part of the game) 3.) Directionless – You feel that your stock is going nowhere. … Continue reading

March 22,2011 – Chalk Cloud

As most of my readers can tell, I do not just simply blog about the markets (even if that is one of my interests).  I’ve come to realize that this blog is a platform for my advocacies as well. Blogging about Philippine equities will remain a staple part of my blog, but more than that, … Continue reading

March 21, 2011- Add Up To A Much Better World

Some are thoughts from my head, some come from  One Liners , while some, I edited from articles I’ve read. 1.) A conclusion is simply the place where one gets tired of thinking. 2.) A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic. — Joseph Stalin 3.) The only certain thing about life is uncertainty. … Continue reading