March 29, 2011- Making Millions While Doing Good

I’m busy so this post will be uber fast.  I’ll rewrite this post, I promise.  But for now… Please Please please… (Consider this a draft post) sorry sorry. watch these two videos. I have to go… What Really Matters We think we’re chasing something.  At a certain point, we have a mountain and it’s not … Continue reading

March 26,2011 – My love affair with Andy (and the free radicals)

I love Andy Kessler.  I have many idols and mentors that shape my investment philosophies.  He is one of them.  As soon as I read a post that he had written (John Mauldin’s Just one Thing featured him about fogs and guideposts) , I’ve fallen in love with him. Hat tip to my friend L.C. … Continue reading

March 22,2011 – Chalk Cloud

As most of my readers can tell, I do not just simply blog about the markets (even if that is one of my interests).  I’ve come to realize that this blog is a platform for my advocacies as well. Blogging about Philippine equities will remain a staple part of my blog, but more than that, … Continue reading

March 8, 2011- Bill Gates should be followed @BillGates

On my blog – Just a guide.  Please try to understand that I have a different kind of sarcasm.  This is how I talk.  What I find funny, may not be funny at all.  I may even mock and think it’s funny when it’s really not.  Anyway, just try to read all of my articles … Continue reading

Feb. 9 , 2011- Spread Love-Invest in Change-People Powered Investing.

33 Needs! —This is not charity.  Businesses can change the world . Please watch this, sign up and learn more 😀   You probably think :” Hey I thought this blog is about trading”- Well yes to a certain extent, but this is also my personal blog too.  I choose to post what I think … Continue reading