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Hello 🙂

“If you could meet me for lunch tomorrow and ask me any question about the stock market, trading, or investing what would you ask?”

Please be specific and limit all your questions only about those topics so that I can answer more comprehensively. Place your answers in the comments box.  I’ll answer them in a post if I think it will be beneficial to all.  Thanks so much.



18 Responses to “Ask Questions”
  1. ScIoN says:

    I’ve been watching MUSX lately as it seems to be picking up from its oversold levels (bottom-fish play). Recent disclosures also show that it has changed management and is going to change business strategy from semicon to probably renewable energy. (They’re going to change the name from Music Semiconductors –> Greenergy Holdings, Inc.) This might be a good growth stock in the future. What do you think? 🙂

    • I have a very simple strategy. I never buy any stock trading below moving averages. (If I’m being strict with technicals). I don’t like the liquidity and I know that you think it’s been hitting a support level. Truth is, I’d rather just look at the leaders and buy pullbacks from them. I know my answer to your question seems as if I never answered your question, but here’s the thing: If I wouldn’t buy it, I’d tell it to you straight. I’d flip over the chart..and move on to something else. I don’t believe that just because it is a penny stock, that it will make 10% returns easily. Hit ratio with penny stocks will always be harder.

      As for the fundamental aspect of MUSX, I won’t pretend I know anything. I didn’t look at their financial statements. I didn’t read anything re MUSX. If you firmly believe that this company is going to go to renewable energy, send me the link to their disclosures (Sorry I know it can be googled in pse itself, but I generally don’t really like to investigate companies anymore. )

      I’d rather follow and just trade stocks with active volumes. Same thing. We all want to make money. I just choose the easier route, I suppose. I think this is hard.hehe. Hope that helps in any way.

  2. JC says:


    Interesting website. Its my first time to view your site. Im trying to download the James Cooper book hit and run from your website. But I couldn’t. I could view the file but the dowload button seems to be not working. Would it be possible for you to email the PDF file? Thanks

    • I think you need to have a account in order to view it? But alright. I’ll send it via Thanks.

  3. glen says:

    Hi DT,

    As a first timer without knowledge of trading, what do you advise to do first? I have been inspired by Bo Sanchez’s email about his maids and driver investing in stocks. I am not knowledgeable with this. Waiting for your insight. Thanks

    • Hello Glen,

      Please check the beginner sources that I wrote on the right hand side of my trading education page.
      I would suggest you to read books and articles online and attend some seminars. Citisec has free ones so you can get started there. Start with free seminars, search online because there are great links that are free. Please look at the links I presented here in my blog. No need to really pay for it. There are a lot of free high quality ones over the internet. Try to read technical analysis and fundamental analysis books- one that merges the two very well is William O Neill’s book “How to Make Money In Stocks”. It’s about 700 pesos I think. Maybe you can even download it from torrents.

      Please also read the education category of my blog.

      I honestly think that you spend most of your money (investing in your mind). Books would be the first place I’d suggest you to spend your money on. Please check the recommended reading list I posted here in my blog (The Goldman Sachs Suggested Reading List in the Recommended books to read).

      Do that. Read Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards. When you’re done, then come back and ask me anything. 😀


      • glen says:

        thanks DT,

        just read some of the articles. Hopefully it’s not too late for me to do this. God bless.

      • its never too late. Sure you may have missed the rally of a lifetime. (the rally from the 2008 financial crisis is said to be one of the most historically violent snapbacks) but there’ll always be market opportunities. I never lived during the roaring bull markets of 2003-2007/ Was not trading then. I didn’t trade to buy Starbucks when it was at 1, Microsoft when it was beginning, apple etc. Hindsight’s not important. Important is what can you do today and tomorrow. 🙂 Sorry i narrated examples from the US. baka mas magstrike lang eh..pero kung usapan lang ng.. late or too late..ang dami namang hindsight eh.

        Eh kung simulan natin sa.. Sabi ko na 200 pesos ang pldt murang mura e. walang kwentang usapan kasi ung mga gnun eh. Pero marami akong kilalang nabubuhay sa mga sana.

        minsan isa na ko sa mga iyon. Oh well

        -sana’y maulit muli na lang..ang kantahin natin.


  4. Ben says:

    Hi Dimsum Trader,

    I”m overweight and long on LC because of a possible Goldfields stake once they determine by their drilling that the FSE project has excellent reserves. I would like to ask your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    • The question really isn’t the stock per se but the size and the entry. I did this before, I loved a stock so much I bet the farm all there. No diversification. The portfolio will suffer on the risk mgt side. Truth is technical shape and speculation stories of goldfields stake are always good stories to speculate on. In fact I’ll admit i have this too, albeit in a position sized manner. Although gains may be sacrificed, we will also be in a position where we have control on our portfolio. If ur cost is 495, during the flag/ cup n handle I suggest that you trade your plan and personality. Assess whether you may want to make the size manageable. I have no problems holding that chart and placing my stops at 455, 47 (didn’t memorize the chart… So by memory yung stops) just follow a plan. You can play tight too, or wide stop. It is all up to you. Hope that helps

      Sent from my iPad

      • Ben says:

        Thank you DimsumTrader. I actually have LCB since mas magaan sya itulak. And if Goldfields would want a stake in LC, they will buy LCB.

  5. Hello Ayan,

    Sure no problem. I’ll try to help answer those questions as best as I can.
    1.) I’m not a day trader. My personality hovers more on being a swing trader but I still do position trading. The only difference between them is in the length of time I hold stocks. I generally would hold stocks for a few weeks, though this is dependent on market cycles. I prefer to have many time horizons honestly. I do both. I have core positions which I intend to hold for as long as possible (as long as my stops aren’t hit, I still hold them- which can range from weeks to months). As long as I’m ahead, I have no problem holding a stock even for years, but along the way, I’ll be taking profits.

    2.) The best time frames to be used also depends on your personal trading style. Since I veer more on finding strong setups, as a swing trader I would generally use 10,20,50 day MAs. However, when I try to find reversal plays, I’m fine with buying 50 day and 100 day averages. The higher the price is above all the MAs, the more I like them.


    (Sorry for the late reply, was out during the Holy Week), even if I was away, I held most of my positions though I have taken some profits off the table already.

  6. ricky says:

    What happened to this blog? I have been constantly reading your posts until the time there were no new posts anymore. Been busy lately?

    I have been checking every now and then for new posts so i could learn some more about the stock market.

    Hope you make new posts and I’m hoping you’re not stopping this blog because of negative comments from anonymous people who have nothing to do with their lives.

    Thanks and God bless!

    • dimsumtrader says:

      Hello Ricky, I’m very blessed to have found a lot of online friends who want to learn about the markets. The feedbacks have been very welcoming. I’m currently not posting here anymore, but it’s not because of what you think (i.e. negative comments) – I hope I can redirect you though in some of my friends’ trading blogs such as and, for instance. Let me reassure you that what they have to offer is very good as well. I hope you don’t feel so bad.

      For any questions, just feel free to email me :, you can also add me in my facebook account – just add dimsumtrader there.

      I’ll do my best to help you out in any way I can.
      – Dimsum Trader

      • t.l.a.m. van rhijn says:

        I bought some month ago some jiangbo stocks. Since the red flags there is no trade. Have the stocks on the moment value or not, and so what i can do now

      • dimsumtrader says:

        Mr. tiam van rhijn,

        What are Jiangbo stocks? May I know the ticker symbol of this specific stock that isn’t trading? Hoping for your soonest reply. – DT

  7. t.l.a.m. van rhijn says:

    jiangbo had a ticker under de nasdaq : JGBO

    • dimsumtrader says:

      JGBO is in a 5 year downtrend, although there have been surges from 3.50 to 4.50, it has always gone down. I don’t know anything about this stock, but if you can possibly sell near resistance lines, and salvage whatever you can, I hope you can.

      I’m sorry if the comment may not prove helpful.

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