Dimsum Trader’s Commitments:

When you write something down, it seems to become indelible.

Belief System:

I believe that anyone can succeed in the markets.  It is not nature.  It is not talent.  It is a deep desire to learn.  It is a hard task, but it can be done.  To be wildly successful though, is attributed already to the person’s natural abilities and experiences.

(English Translation: I can teach someone to shoot a 3 pointer, but not everyone can be Ray Allen.)


1.)  Financial Investment Independence.  “Becoming your own trading coach”

I am committed to empower Filipinos most especially, to take hold of their investments and be successful independent traders and investors.   I’m giving the power to the individual.

You won’t need a financial adviser. You can think for yourself.  When someone recommends a buy or hold or sell, you will know what to do.  You will be able to trade according to your own plan. You may want a trading community or a peer support group eventually, but they will reinforce you to be a better trader and investor.  You don’t have to rely on anyone’s judgment.

(Special thanks to Dr. Brett Steenbarger for inspiring me with this advocacy.)

2.) Free High Quality Content.  Free Market Education.

I will not allow even a single dollar to be an obstacle from sharing my market ideas and videos to the public.  They will remain free, as long as I am the one writing and making it.    I will not charge anyone who wants to learn from me.   I’m using the blog as a platform to share my mind.

I will dispel the notion that just because something is free, that it is inferior quality.   I beg to differ.

(Special thanks to Salman Khan for inspiring me with this advocacy.)

What do I get out of giving high quality content?  Am I nuts? Am I simply well off that I don’t need money anymore?  Honestly, none of the above.   I know that I can easily charge a newsletter fee, or hold classes?  But I’m not interested.

Well… I charge differently…see my next advocacy below:

3.)  Challenge to Help, Create Social Entrepreneurship.  Create Equitable Businesses.  Change Society your own little way.

Call me strange, call me weird, call me unreasonable.  I hope to use this financial blog as a communication means to share the possibilities of using your money to create, invest, venture, support or help fund social businesses.

I charge and challenge every single reader who uses my financial blog to do the following one of these days:

a.) Go to Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation (GK-CSI). It’s a network of people who are actively trying to help solve our country’s problems by creating jobs and businesses that are not just profit oriented but more so in making sure that they help uplift people’s lives.  Make the world less unequal.

To understand more, visit us Tuesdays 630pm Ateneo de Manila University.

Go to the facebook pages of Tony Meloto and GK-CSI to know more.  I’m a big fan of their work.  I hope to be more active as I go along.

b.) If you’re a dimsum trader fan, I challenge you to give tithes from your trading profits by helping your communities.  I challenge you to share your blessings.   Go to church.  Learn to reach out.  Share not just your money, but your time.

From time to time, I’ll call out some enterprises that I believe in, we can work together as a group, as a team of teams.  That’s what this “dimsumtrader” blog is all about – social change, even if it’s a small ripple.

As crazy as this may seem, I want to help create wealth, but also make sure that wealth is being created for the greater good of society.  You are welcome to just not enter my site if you don’t believe any of my advocacies.

Thank you.


I am a Christian but I respect your religious views.  If you are a Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic or belong to any other religion, please do not allow our religious differences as an obstacle from learning from each other.

Also goes for those who are non-religious (Hat tip to Reina for recognizing my omission :D)

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle,


2 Responses to “Advocacies”
  1. pinayobserver says:

    I love this.

    Minor quibble: In your disclaimer, could you add the “non-religious”? We exist too. 🙂

    Keep it up!

    • oh haha. Sorry for that. Noted 🙂

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