April 12, 2011- Welcome (This blog—is continued at www.facelesstrader.wordpress.com)

Welcome to DimsumTrader Blog.

DimsumTrader began as a personal trading diary to help me think aloud about trading and market psychology, market patterns, and the short-term trading of financial markets. I would read articles (primarily HK in nature), place news links and write my own preplist sheets for the day due to the nature of my job. I always remember Dimsum when I think about Hongkong, hence the name. It was a personal blog, but I felt whatever content I’ve written here could also help other peoples’ trading so I publicized my personal education, as well as links that piqued my interests. Starting January 24, 2011, I started discussing Philippine related financial markets as well.

Over the subsequent months, my personal trading blog grew into one of the most visited single archive of trading education on the Web, with over 100 posts, visited mostly by Filipinos, though sprinkled with a few Germans and Americans who stumbled upon the site. Statistics were overwhelming because reader views have jumped 100% week on week. Starting from only teens, page views had grown to thousand in only a span of 2 months.

However, due to prior commitments to devote full-time focus on my job and other responsibilities, I would like to ask for everyone’s understanding that I’ll be stepping back from blogging and all types of social networking related to DimsumTrader for an indefinite time period.

I will stop posting new material to DimsumTrader, but have retained the blog as an archive. I’ve written my posts where each article can be read, and re-read. They are educational posts. Go to Categories Section and try to look back on it. I’ve written it in such a way wherein I can be proud to still read it even after six months or many years from now.

I’d like to thank all the loyal readers and all the supportive comments you’ve provided in the past. Without you guys, this blog wouldn’t have gone on for as long as it has.

For the people who’ll miss this blog, I suggest to everyone to follow these links to up their trading game:

These are my personal favorite trading blogs when it comes to educating myself re- markets.

1.) SMB Capital – http://www.smbtraining.com/blog/

SMB Capital is a proprietary trading firm based in the United States. Mike Bellafiore and Steve Spencer are excellent online mentors you can learn from.

2.) Brett Steenbarger – http://traderfeed.blogspot.com/

Brett Steenbarger is one of the world’s most popular trading psychologists. He’s helped me up my trading game by helping me form the right mindset when it comes to being disciplined, developing and following a trading plan.

3.) Stocktwits – http://stocktwits.com/

Stocktwits is a community of traders and investors who are passionate and who want to share their ideas in the markets. There are mentors and a suggested stream here which I find very good to go to. Just add the Suggested Stream on your twitter account and it will lead you to the best trading blogs all over the web.

I can list 20-50 links here, but I think 3 should be enough to get you started. If you’re really serious to educate yourself in trading, I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem finding yourself sources through the web, books etc. Thank you.

It is my personal opinion that the only hindrance that’s stopping you from pursuing wealth, whether it be through the markets or any other field is only yourself. I do hope that you don’t stop learning what you are most passionate about and never give up on your dreams. God bless to all your ventures and adventures in life.


P.S. I’ll be maintaining my email address dimsumtrader @ gmail . com for brief communication.
I’ll still be maintaining my facebook Dimsumtrader online presence. Add me up, I won’t bite 😀
I generally just try to share links and great content I find online that helps me as a trader or as a person in general. 😀
Please understand that I may not be able to answer emails promptly, nor do I have any intention to help you buy or sell certain stocks. Before you email me anything, please make sure you’ve read my personal views when it comes to the markets (About page, Advocacies, Disclaimers, How I Started etc should tell the picture.) Thank you.


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