April 10, 2011- Like the Japanese, B Students and Sleepless Elite


First, I want to thank the people who tell me that they like my writing style.  It’s great that you guys weren’t my Literature and English professors back in college, where I got C+s and Bs haha.  I never really got the professors to like my writing.  So for anyone, who’s failing in your English class thesis papers, don’t worry.  Blogging can be a place to be.  People aren’t too judgmental with our writing styles. 🙂

Second, I’d like to reflect on many things today:

1.) I want to be like the Japanese and the Filipinos in the links– This topical post will be rewritten, but basically will touch on how humane gestures of the Japanese collective as a whole, is simply sparking such desires in me to emulate them.  Also, I’d like to share some links that…simply moved me into tears.  I’d share here Spyfrat’s Oplan Tsinelas and what dimsumtrader readers as a group can do to help Traders Pizza people.  Let’s all contribute 100 pesos.  I’m not a techie person so I don’t know yet the Google Analytics.  Plus my blog’s free so I don’t know how to do those hosting etc.  I’m not sure how many unique readers I have but assuming I have 200 readers regularly then we can give 20K pesos as a collective 😀 Yipee.  I’ll ask for more details.

Cry and see that those who have none to give financially are often the ones who are most generous.  Check these news:



2.) Unconventional Education – WSJ columnist has this interesting news “How to Get A Real Education”, urge you to read it.  Basically, the gist is— not everyone can be an Einstein, but that doesn’t mean you should stop pursuing your dreams.  Most B students are better off just simply getting real education — i.e. businesses 😀

Why do we make B students sit through the same classes as their brainy peers? That’s like trying to train your cat to do your taxes—a waste of time and money. Wouldn’t it make sense to teach them something useful instead?


3.) I’m not sure if I’m a Sleepless Elite. There are many behaviors pointed out here though that I probably am.

Some short sleepers may have hypomania, a mild form of mania with racing thoughts and few inhibitions. “These people talk fast. They never stop. They’re always on the up side of life,” says Dr. Buysse

Nowadays, some short sleepers gravitate to fields like blogging, videogame design and social media, where their sleep habits come in handy. “If I could find a way to do it, I’d never sleep,” says Dave Hatter, a software developer in Fort Wright, Ky. He typically sleeps just four to five hours a night, up from two to three hours a few years ago.


4.) Innovators break the ice between Unending Debates of Technicians and Fundamentalists —> “The more creativity you bring to the investment process, the more rewarding it will be. The only way to maintain ongoing success, however, is to constantly innovate. That’s much the same in all endeavors. The only way to continue making money, to continue growing and keeping your profit margins healthy, is to constantly come up with new ideas.”


@dimsumtrader is a wanna-be Ivy League but feels her grades in college will never be enough, so she decided to just do good, make money in the process, and probably make herself a social entrepreneur/blogger/hedge fund manager someday, amongst other things (perhaps be a good mother or wife someday I dunno haha). 🙂

2 Responses to “April 10, 2011- Like the Japanese, B Students and Sleepless Elite”
  1. Wilson says:

    Quote and unquote,”….probably make herself a social entrepreneur/blogger/hedge fund manager someday, amongst other things (perhaps be a good mother or wife someday….”. You are doing great and doing good. Keep it up!

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