April 9, 2011 – The Cockroaches and the Bees


Rubiks who is very concerned with my health and privacy told me not to post anything negative anymore.  These are all children’s games and I’m an adult.  I don’t need to write these things anymore.

I am apologizing right now, for writing this post. I feel that it needs to be said, even indirectly.  This is not a personal attack. (Nosy readers just leave.  I don’t want to talk to you.)

I’ve wasted my life already.  I’m a solemn person, who regarded her willingness to hear out the opinions of others as a worthwhile quality.  I’ve estimated that I’ve wasted my existence being open to people’s half-formed thoughts, asinine suggestions, and pointless, dumbfuck stories.  This post is written partially to fellow trader PS who told me to HTFU (harden the fuck up) and to still write, not merely “Happy Tree-friends” style but to just be true to myself.

To my readers who missed DimsumTraders’ angsty mode, this post talks about the collective negativity in this world and how I’m able to find peace and happiness despite all of it.

As you too said, the lesson in the last part is to be like the bees.  Thanks for the concert too.  It was really really wonderful watching them play.  Thanks Rubiks and PS.  This post goes to both of you.  I cannot thank everyone but Spyfrat, Rick- you’ve both been a tremendous help.  Thanks too 😀


The Cockroaches and the Bees

This world is really funny.  You either see it half glass full or half empty.  I choose the first, but I won’t ignore the latter.


Negative : http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2011/03/10-most-over-compensated-executives/ – Just another day to f*ck the industry and get rewarded for it.  Most overcompensated executives.  Read the comments section as well

Positive: Ads pulling out of Willie’s show due to his mistreatment of Jan-jan (thank you to Froilan Grate and to the collective who has supported this)  http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/04/06/11/industry-leader-backs-ad-pull-out-willing-willie

Before going further, please watch Andrew Mason (The Point) below.  You see, most people only know Andrew Mason as the CEO and founder of Groupon who turned down Google’s $6Bil offer.  Filipinos now go to DealGrocer, Awesome.ph, Beeconomic etc and other Groupon clones to make their purchases as a collective.  Andrew did not invent Groupon because he wanted to make money.  He created an idea, it was well loved, and then he made money.  There’s a difference (Please watch Noam Kostucki’s Making Millions While Doing Good here).


Andrew Mason suggests that other than throw bodies and inconvenience ourselves (as it gets easier to write letters and petitions), a million members is impressive but they will not be effective.  There’s so much that the web has to offer.

To solve problems, letters aren’t effective.  Now that we have the internet, we can evolve into “Ninja Turtles”.  We are interest-driven communities who can coordinate behavior.  This is what “The Point” is all about.  It uses the Tipping Point idea.  If you have two choices, A and B.  At some point, you have to just simply ignore certain numbers of people, bring people together, ask them to do something.  Campaign anatomy is objective, member pledge and tipping point.

Cost of change = Cost of Collective (Action +1)

Contribution is making a difference.

Think about election, where each and every participant makes a difference.

The Point is Results-Oriented.

Rational Incentives for Change have to be Measurable, Predictable, Repeatable.

Safety in Numbers – Building a critical mass of people

A rule is only a rule if we only allow it

Activisiology – A Social Activism

These are my values – Leverage your values to behavior

A market for corporate social responsibility


Andrew Mason actually is inspiring me to create a website/internet business, partnering with  respected bloggers, humble traders, graphic design artists, respected videographers and internet SEO marketers in order to “Fill the Gap” that’s always been there.  I’m calling it “Practical Finance for Manong Juan”. Maybe Juana Change can speak using her viral videos 😀 It basically talks about day-to-day lives of traders, primarily catered to people who are hungry to learn trading or investing , the different investment methods that will suit their personalities, orienting them of the many alternatives they can find all over the web (from US markets to foreign currencies to Philippine markets etc), how to get started etc.  It’s meant to make people just take hold of their own trading education.  It’s not meant to make people stop from going to the places they go to in order to learn.  It’s merely a buffet plate of all the possibilities that’s in their hands, if they’re not aware of it.

Hopefully, the idea can generate lots of interests just as what Newsbreak.ph did for Philippine Independent Journalism.  I suppose the logical and sane way for it to be sustainable is to have advertisements somewhere along the way, or have it run through minimal subscription fees.  I’d have to say that I’m working and I cannot sacrifice my work for this.  I’ll have this done, albeit slowly, and with the help of several partners and support groups.

In any case, DimsumTrader is really just a personal blog, if you think of it, and I’m thankful for the readers, fans and comments I receive.  Sorry, I cannot answer all.  I realize this is becoming a full-time effort, more than a hobby.  It’s not because I have PF4MJ (Practical Finance for Manong Juan), that I’ll forgo writing Dimsum Trader.  In a way, it’s only going to be more effective and it will only leverage the idea that self-directed investing/trading education works.  Perhaps at the end of the day,it’s just one person’s view on how to address their own finances.  I won’t be proud.  Seriously, I am happy that my blog is read by a few hundred, and I can leverage this microphone even better through social media.  I’m not here to compete with numbers of fans, nor do I intend to actively throw words.  They’re empty.  The best way is to just create wealth, create good educational articles, videos too and create good businesses and create good, humble flocks of independent self-directed traders and investors.   😛


The Cockroaches of the World –

Inspired by this article “Oust Willie”,  excerpt below

Wowowee and Willie Revillame appeal to the worst in Pinoys—racism, chauvinism, disdain towards the feeble, the poor, the mentally inferior, all in the guise of making people laugh. Particularly offensive is the part of his show where balikbayans from all over the world are allowed to wave their dollars at the cameras while the local folks thank them profusely for their generosity. The indigent recipients are too poor, too God-forsaken, too humbled by the endemic poverty around them to even recognize that they’re being maligned and stripped of any form of human decency.

Willie Revillame may be suspended or may voluntarily take some time off as a result of this latest controversy but he will surely be back because cockroaches live forever.

The Bees of the World

Inspired by Anna Tarkov’s “Journalism Needs Pollinators”, Please read her post (It’s worth it.) Below are just excerpts.

“What is uttered from the heart alone, will win the hearts of others to your own.” — Goethe

1.) Now, the bees, they don’t make the pollen. Everyone knows that. The flowers make it. But the bees, they take it and carry it around to all the areas it needs to go in order to keep the flowers blooming and thriving.

Do the flowers ever get upset with the bees for doing this? Do they ever get annoyed that the next flower the bee stops at to deposit the pollen won’t know where that pollen originated? Not to my knowledge. I believe even if flowers could talk and if they had feelings, they still wouldn’t be irritated with the bees. No, I think they would be somewhat grateful actually. The bees are helping their pollen spread further. They can still be secure in the knowledge that they make the pollen, to say nothing of the fact that they’re the pretty and colorful ones and get all the attention from passer-bys while the bees get swatted away.

2.) The final and vital piece in the current news ecosystem is precisely that social-media-enabled telephone that Dumenco derides. Producing powerful, original content is well and good, but is it capturing the attention of a wide audience? After all, if an act of journalism is committed and no one is around to read it, did it really happen? Bloggers and others who are heavily engaged in social media act as a crucial link to the wider public, just like the bees are a crucial link for the flowers’ pollen.

Bloggers, through the act of linking to the content they choose, are shining a spotlight on that content and saying HEY, this is good stuff. Read it. Pay attention to it. The same happens when someone posts a story on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else. Incidentally, this is the evolution of a behavior that has always existed, even pre-Internet. Surely even before the founders of Twitter were a glimmer in their parents’ eyes, people told a friend or neighbor about something they read in the paper or saw on a TV news report. Surely someone cut out a magazine article and sent it to their sister or niece or friend in another state. Blogging, tweeting and all the rest of it is simply the modern version of a perfectly natural desire to share with and inform those around us. You would think journalists of all people would be sensitive to this instinct since they’ve made it into their life’s work.

3.) But Dumenco throws these barbs at bloggers with impunity:

Dependable, in-depth, big-picture journalism –– as opposed to the reactionary, piecemeal, out-of-context “aggregation” practiced by way too many bloggers — is an increasingly rare and precious commodity.

If the difference between that lone woman and a blogger is that the latter is attempting to gain notoriety or an income through their reactionary, context-free ramblings, they are also more worthy of both because they expend a great deal of effort on what they do whilst the sending of a few e-mails isn’t exactly a major committment.

4.) Now, how did those folks all achieve such a high level of authority?

I think they did it by consistently providing content their readers liked, appreciated and shared with others. I think they did it by presenting their ideas in a compelling way.


@Dimsumtrader listened to Urban Dub’s concert yesterday and was marvelously impressed.  She’ll write about the great things rocking and rolling does to one’s personal health. 🙂  Thank you for listening 🙂 You guys prove to me that Filipinos are smart enough to know media to ignore (or perhaps to entertain them) and media to listen to.


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