Feb 28,2011- Wall Street’s State of the Union Address

Berkshire Hathaway’s 2010 Annual report is out. http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/2010ar/2010ar.pdf A lot of  blogs have been summarizing and writing about it.  I’ll talk about it on a later post.  Thanks. What I’m currently reading and fascinated about: 1.) Stuffs about the New York Knicks – New York Times posts have it all.  I’m not a basketball fan, … Continue reading

Feb 27,2011- Process trumps outcome over the long-term.

I’ve a friend, who’s sad about his trading performance who told me something like this: 80-90% of traders fail.  They are no longer in the trading business.  Think about what that means in terms of lost money, accumulated debt, dashed dreams, and disappointed family members.  Why do no trading coaches talk about those personal tragedies … Continue reading

Feb 24,2011- Recommended Books List Updated

This is the Goldman Sachs Suggested Reading List.  Check it out. http://www.stat.unc.edu/faculty/cji/890-11/Goldman-Sachs-Suggested-Reading-List.pdf Check the ones under the heading : Written About, By or For Money Managers and Traders This is extremely useful for me.  Goldman Sachs’ culture of trading success didn’t come overnight. Consistency and high profitability doesn’t come easy. Thanks. A candle loses nothing … Continue reading

Feb 23, 2011- Trading Wisdom In Sketches and more

I want to start this post sharing trading truths neatly captured in trading sketches.  BehaviorGap.com illustrates it very well.  I suggest you take a look at the gallery.  Read them carefully when you have time.    I also placed it today in my trading education links for future references. Behavior Gap – http://www.behaviorgap.com/sketches/ My favorite ones … Continue reading

Feb 22, 2011- How To Be Proactive Trading the Markets – Empty Your Cup

Nan-in said: “Like this cup, you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup.” Read more here: http://www.purifymind.com/EmptyCup.htm ______________   I’m gonna write here how I managed to escape the bloodbath today.  It is not because I am smart.  It is not because I have … Continue reading

Feb 22, 2011- Being Proactive versus Reactive + a few other things

This post is split into 3 parts: 1. ) Market Nuggets 2.) Free Market Education Articles Online – Get this from Adam Hewison.  It’s good. 3.) Comment on Market Education Market Nuggets: I’d like to share in this post, what I’ve been told about the current markets (all over the world from emerging to developed) … Continue reading

Feb 21, 2011 – Free Educational Market Videos on the Web (High Quality)

This is a win-win situation.  You don’t pay anything.  You learn for free.  Education is up to you. Gain insights from video workshops found across the web. Check out all 4 videos.  (Sign up, it’s free.) http://club.ino.com/trading/2011/02/reversal-on-the-way-simple-if-you-know-where-to-look/ ________ So far, this is what I’ve listened to: Notes from Brad Matheny’/ Gary Wagner’s video “Advanced Trading … Continue reading

Feb. 20, 2011- Happy Birthday

Too much money is a common denominator when you think about traders: Wall Street fat cats, overpaid CEOs, Gordon Gekko, insider trading, Madoff schemes, models, yachts, diamonds and bottles. There is the perception that trading is a game exclusively for those with large pockets and they most often are not socially responsible. America scowled at Lloyd … Continue reading

Feb 17,2011- Scrutinizing the Moves :D

I love studying and analyzing stock performances.  I don’t know why.  I just do.   Show your appreciation for my work by sharing the site to your fellow traders and friends.  And do let me know whenever my analyses have complemented and helped you in your trading performances.  Show some love 🙂 Write on the … Continue reading

Feb 17,2011- The Easiest Way To Create Your Hit Lists

For most beginning traders/investors in the Philippine market, they have a hard time which stocks to follow.  I notice that newbies especially like to check the top gainers.  That’s not a bad way to start at all. (Honestly, I don’t know why it’s supposed to be so hard when we have only 247 securities listed … Continue reading