Jan 31 – Month End Trading Summary, Evaluation and Observations

Month of January HK : Dismal -6.87% month on month attributed to a lot of  personal execution mistakes particularly on position sizing # of Trades: 36 Hit Ratio: 11/36 = 30.55% Average Win/Average Loss: 2199/2829 = 0.78 – Dismal Risk reward ratio.  Reduce positions faster. PH:   -3.55%month on month due to inconsistent sizing, execution in … Continue reading

Jan 28,2011- A Roadmap for Traders & Investors (HK and Chinese Markets)

Reference: Bank of America – Merrill Lynch.  David Cui. Andy Zhao. Tracy Tian, CFA, et al.  January 17, 2011.  “China- A Primer on China’s Seven Strategic Industries” Strategists from Merrill Lynch and Bank of America have written this research report, that I’ve got to highlight in my blog.  It is very comprehensive and something that … Continue reading

Jan 28, 2011- Preplist updated etc

Most updated preplist here. (Preplist shows everything from my hitlist to my scorecard and my random scratch notes/studies). I’ll post more links and continually make a series of posts  in the education page. I’ll reply in a post the differences between HK and PH markets- and the adjustment needed to trading both of them. I’ll … Continue reading

Jan 26,2011- Timeless Rules for Profitable Low Risk Trading

Lesson 1: Timeless Rules for Profitable Low Risk Trading Reference: Assorted Brett Steenbarger’s articles from http://www.traderfeed.blogspot.com 1.) Those who fake it never make it. The really good traders don’t present themselves as gurus. They’re all too keenly aware of the market’s way of humbling such pride, and they keep their hard-won lessons firmly in mind. … Continue reading

Jan 25 2011- What Characterizes Short Term Bottoms? Quiet or Volatile Ranges?

My question of the day for this post is :

What characterizes short term bottoms? Most especially for oversold ones in the RSI? Are they large daily ranges or quiet ranges of accumulation? To answer my question, I turn to some charts of history to find answers to my own questions. Of course, history is only a guide. It does not mean anything. Take it with a grain of salt.

Jan 24, 2011- Quant Study On the Philippine Markets: On Hammers and Oversold Readings

Here’s a quant look, I’m just generally the inquisitive type.   You should thank me at least, or comment that I did the grunt work.  Well… I wanted to do it anyway.    Let’s see how this study works out 🙂 A Study on Hammers and Oversold Readings 🙂 Inspirational Reference: Rob Hanna of QuantifiableEdges.blogspot.com … Continue reading

Jan 20- What to Do in a Declining Market etc

Preplist- Most updated here What to do in a declining market: 1.) Identify the leaders, forget the laggards. This concept has been tested over the centuries by William O Neill, the founder of Investors Business Daily, and is proven to have an edge for swing trading. 2.) Identify the stage of the market, and the … Continue reading

Jan 18, 2011- Preplist guide for HK and Pinas etc

Preplist here Some “important” trading news (perceived by me) throughout the week: Philippines 1.) Meralco may lower their rates- I guess that bullish uptick yesterday might give way? We’ll see. This isn’t gonna be good news for any Mer-related listed stocks – MPI, FPH etc. 2.) PAL – So Lucio Tan might sell his stake … Continue reading

Jan 14, 2011- Charts to watch in Phil and HK

Preplists , scorecard etc. all updated Included a pinas preplist as well. Thanks. -nix

Jan 12, 2011- Post Analysis of Current Trades

In earlier posts, I promised I would do something new for this year 2011.  It’s basically a rundown of my trading entries and exits, where we can both learn from my mistakes and also from my occasional wins. My scorecard is updated every single time I post the links to my preplist.  It’s just in … Continue reading