Nov 30- Preplist and observations

I noticed that the strong stocks in my preplist are 1.) Retailers who sell mostly feminine stuff – brassieres, intimate apparel, clothing – look at 130,(647 cant be entered anymore but at least you know there’s strength in this sector) -333 (topform–needs to be followed!)- is this the victoria secrets effecT? haha. -1173 is something … Continue reading

Nov 26- Preplist

Preplist- you can use this guide for maybe a week. I compiled lots of 52 week new highs and hot ipos. -nix

Nov 25- Preplist and more

Some news (old and recent)- for this week Apologies , I couldn’t update this blog as daily as I should because I’m preparing for an exam and it’s taking most of my time right now. ┬áThat’s not an excuse though. ┬áHere are the top news that happened these past few days that are relevant for … Continue reading

Nov 20- Tell me why you want to become a trader and more :)

Do you want to be a “big swinging dick”? Models and bottles. Show the market who’s daddy. Greed is good. I want to be a billionaire watch this Ivanhoff wrote an excellent post here: I’ll highlight the ones I liked most: The bounce on Thursday was as surprising as the sell off on Tuesday. Many … Continue reading

Nov 18- Be very selective in a market like this+ Preplist

Preplist for the day: only two stocks qualify- 2369 (China Wireless) and 493 (Gome) 1.) China Wireless (2369 HK) – is a 10day pullback. The parabola was already hit and got a bullish confirmation once it dipped near 4.25 Pivot buying is 4.50 Sell stop at 4.25 if you’re using actual cut or, tight stop … Continue reading

Nov 15- Preplist

The only stock I charted that looks good for the day is one. Surprisingly this is the only stock that didn’t whack the chart last Friday. All the rest are already ugly and will take some consolidation before moving higher (from a chartist’s perspective). 493 HK Gome is a Jack in the box. Buy 3.25-3.30, … Continue reading

Nov 12- Preplist + a host of observations

When you evaluate most markets nowadays, HK and China are outperforming the rest of the EM region. Philippines as most Filipinos would know have had 5 straight days of selling (same as for US, Korea, Australia and I would assume almost all the rest in the EM region)- except of course for a few bright … Continue reading

Nov 11- Preplist

hello, I’m trying to modify my current style to take into account the flags that became “badboys” i.e. they break yesterday’s low but then gap up to the correct buying point. This happened for 951, 2727 the past few days as well as for 929. Even the 10 day pullbacks such as 769 made headfake … Continue reading

Nov 10 – Preplist

Nov 10 Preplist- download here -nix.

Nov 9- Preplist – Placeouts all over the place beware

Nov 9 Preplist- download here. Sinoland places out HK$5 Bil worth. It’s currently 7pct down. Expect other HK properties to follow suit in today’s markets. Since the market value of the HK property sector is heavy in the index, expect a down day (at least if you’re trading big caps). Remember that the Chinese banks … Continue reading