Notice : Oct 23- Nov 3

Good morning trading friends, I’ll be leaving to Korea during those times so I cannot be able to upload my preplist. I hope that you guys continue to be trading well despite me not around. Thanks again. I’ll miss the markets so much, so when I get back, I’ll make sure to write stories about … Continue reading

Oct 21- Preplist

Oct 21 Preplist – Nix

Oct 20- Preplist

Preplist- Oct 20 Many charts getting whacked today. Primary culprit- the dollar advancing against all currencies spurring all excessive speculations to a rest. Honestly, I think we’ll see consolidation pullbacks. Look at 20-32 day MAs as supports. It’s too early to be picking up shares but always observe them. The cause of today’s decline is … Continue reading

Oct 19- Preplist

Preplist today– Always look back at previous preplist guides as they form better setups as the days go by. Thanks and happy trading. -Nix

Bloomberg Game Changers is not just a show

Bloomberg Game Changers – For Extraordinary people only Today, there seems to be no excuse for anyone to say that they do not have a role model in life to look up to, or emulate. If you think your life is filled with people who never think out of the box, and is always routinary, … Continue reading

Oct 18- Preplist

Preplist today Many jack in the boxes today – property developers in china as a sector should be watched. 585 gave no entry to traders. gapped up already to 33 cents which is 13.79% higher. 8136 gave a nice return to patient boomer players. 82- looks to be making a turn 2038- News says the … Continue reading

Oct 15- Preplist

Oct 15- Preplist – Nix

Preplist – Oct 14

Preplist Oct 14 As always, please use this only as a guide. And the document shares preplist 2-3 days ago. Look at it too. Thanks. I’ll read up on news later. Honestly don’t know the reason why Chinese properties are moving very large these days. Do you wanna be right or just make money? I … Continue reading

Oct 13 Preplist

Oct 13 Preplist for HK

Oct 12- Preplist in Google Spreadsheet

Preplist Hongkong + Pinas + Transparent Scorecard in google docs Click the link above to access the list, also go to Prepsheet for HK stocks The first sheet is pinas (which I don’t daily write in) Thanks -nix