Sept.30- Preplist

Liked Wall Street 1 better.  As of writing, 1177 (sino biopharm) I didnt get to list it down today but it was part of the preplist about 2-3 days ago.  Looks good. Happy trading -nix Advertisements

Sept 30- Care to join in the appliances ride and more?

Liar’s Poker author Michael Lewis once wrote this about the nature of markets. “There is nothing like the tickertape except a woman- nothing that promises, hour after hour, day after day, such SUDDEN developments; nothing that disappoints so often or that occasionally fulfills with such unbelievable passionate magnificence. ” And so it is, I’ve turned … Continue reading

Sept 29- Preplist (Afternoon)

Just in case you guys are interested.  Included 970 and 256 as candidates for watchlist.  Volume activity quite high.  Most of the stocks here have surged up (so your entries may be late), but guess it’s worth watching. Coals are interesting setups.  They’re all strong.  I was wondering too if there’s any news for them … Continue reading

Shoutout to kindred hearts : Broker Reports Access

Hello, I want to do fundamental analysis but I don’t have access to most brokers.  If you guys have special access, maybe you guys can help me out?  I would like to study them with respect to what brokers are saying about them.  Financial statements and news articles will so far be the only thing … Continue reading

Sept29 – Preplist

I just don’t like volatility. 100 point ranges are stomach churning for me.   So even if the US made an impressive move coming from a loss to an up move, and even if the market can still go higher, and there’s really no reason to sell.  Taking some profits off the table.  It’s the … Continue reading

Sept 28- Preplist

I have no idea why Maanshan gapped open 5.09 except that Goldman Sachs upgraded it to 7.8.  Scoundrels.  Oh well.  Here’s the preplist for the day. Sorry for a few delays. Published 10:05am. (5 minutes late) -nix

Sept 28- Preplist (HK and Pinas)

just posting a preliminary, but I’ll chart later after work. byebye.

Sept 27- Preplist + IPO Issues List

Please use preplist in conjunction to your own guides.  This is not meant to be a daily hit list, but more of a guide.  I included observation watchlist so that even if we may not have bought the stocks during the first up, we can ride the trend during pullbacks.  Thanks. – Nikki

Sept24- Preplist + A Chart that’s the precursor to USDPHP

China closed for Mid Autumn Festival.  GCL Poly (3800 HK) met up with Washington’s governor for some research n development for their poly silicon wafers.  Stock recently upgraded to 2.7 by Goldman Sachs.  Previous backgrounder on the stock is that China’s government fund (CICC) is heavily invested in this stock for their green energy theme … Continue reading

Sept22- Additional Preplist +notable upgrades

I’m adding more stocks to watch for the day (as I’ve got more newsflow coming in this morning).  I’m amazed at AUDUSD.  You guys should see the chart. It’s currently at 0.9546 at major new highs.  I think it’s a leading indicator for the upsides to come bringing the whole market at least to the … Continue reading